New Aussie aspiration: the freedom to work wherever

Ever dreamed of working from the road? You are not alone.

Many Aussies have been working from home, and lots of Aussies (74% of them, according to Camplify research) are keen to hit the road and work remotely from a van post lockdown. 


  • 63% of people are most-looking forward to having the freedom of no set plan. 
  • 59% of people believe it will benefit their mental health
  • 49% of people believe working from the road would encourage them to be more active with the abundance of nature around them

Where would you go?

Aussies in the study told us they’d jump at the chance to explore bucket-list destinations – areas they may have missed seeing if constrained to annual leave days, such as driving the Great Ocean Road (45%) or watching the sunset at Uluru (55%). One of the overwhelming reasons people are keen to head out on a road trip is to move away from the structure. There is much to explore by working from the road and it allows for the opportunity to change the backdrop of the home office, which for some has become quite repetitive. According to them, National Parks (30%) and beaches (33%) are the two most ideal settings for people who would like to work remotely and with each earth office from Camplify, there are many to explore. 

Now is the perfect opportunity to switch four walls for a change of scenery, starry nights as your ceiling and a real landscape as your video call background.

No van? No worries. Camplify and Zorali can help you make work-from-home transform to work-from-van

The digital nomad lifestyle really is possible. That’s why Zorali has teamed up with Camplify to help create the ultimate ‘Earth Offices’. Aussies can now hit the road in vans kitted out with all the comforts and essentials of an office during the month of November.

Camplify and Zorali have worked together to create dedicated road offices in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, each equipped with the resources to work from an RV as well as the essentials to go exploring when you get your downtime.

Cassie based in Heathcote, NSW is a campervan fit for working from the road. Cassie brings luxury and ease where she goes, whether that be on the sandy beaches along the coast, or in the thick Australian bush. Byron based in Miami, QLD is a luxury van that offers every essential feature that you will need to adventure off-grid. The Roaming Van in St Kilda, VIC, is fully equipped with everything travellers need to hit the road and get lost in style and comfort.

Who needs a corner office? The Earth Office vans are kitted out with all of the essentials from Zorali, including a list of challenges to do try on their trip, including taking a dip on their lunch break, a camp kettle, two enamel coffee mugs, a hat and a backpack to take when exploring their surroundings. 

Creating your very own Earth Office, any time, in a Camplify van

It only takes a few simple things to turn an RV hired on Camplify into your digital office and remote workstation. As experts in van-life, members of the Camplify team have shared their top tips to help set you up for success as a newbie digital nomad. 

With restrictions easing and borders opening, now is the perfect opportunity to switch four walls for a change of scenery, starry nights as your ceiling and a real landscape as your video call background.

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