How to work without walls

Working remotely means you can work from anywhere! From sitting on a beach to working from a van in the mountains watching clouds pass by. Working without the walls of an office gives you the freedom to decide where you want to go and what you want to see. 

Ready for a tongue twister? We sent Byron and Alex (creatives) from Byron (shire) to work from the road in Byron (the van)! Read on to learn their top tips.

For many people, working from home has become ‘the new norm’. Implementing digital workplace structures and moving face-to-face meetings online makes working remotely more possible than it was a few years ago. If you freelance, there’s really nothing stopping you, especially when hiring a van and creating a weekday Earth Office is so easy.

Waking up in new destinations, having the freedom to choose where to go and what to do, also comes with a lot of responsibility and self-discipline. Working remotely for yourself or for a company doesn’t mean you’re on a paid holiday, but it comes with a lot of benefits! Changing the scenery will definitely increase your productivity. We’ve shared our tips to ensure you’re well set up for working from the road and to ensure you stay productive! 

First things first: you need to have a plan! Planning is the ultimate key when it comes to working without walls.

Here are the things you have to plan:

  • Schedule meetings etc. on days you’re set up at a site, versus travelling, and make sure your location has access to WiFi / 4G. 
  • Plan your work tasks for your week ahead, depending on when you need to be online.
  • Plan productive working days and hours and also your time off.
  • Set up automatic replies for times you’re working offline for a longer period of time.

Being online and connected is the main factor when it comes to working from anywhere, but it’s equally important to structure your day and keep a daily routine. 

Here are our 5 tips to keep a routine: 

1. Wake up every morning at a specific time – depending on your daily tasks

2. Exercise or meditate for 30 minutes 

3. Work actively (proactive and reactive) for 5 hours a day 

4. Plan out your next day/week /month 

5. Finish work at a certain time 

It might seem tempting to stay in bed in your pajamas all day, but for years you have trained your body to think that the cosy tracksuit means resting and unwinding. So how do you stay productive during your scheduled working hours?

Here are our 5 daily tips on how to work remotely: 

1. Get dressed before starting work 

2. Work from a table – even if it’s a breakfast tray in bed 

3. Remove distractions for the time you’re working 

4. Respond to work messages, if possible, within an hour 

5. Stick with existing work-day routine – if that’s a morning coffee – do it! (Always stay hydrated.)

Nowadays, we think we need the internet for everything, to navigate us to our next destination, or to work on projects. Once you plan your working week and know which days you definitely need an internet connection, it is so easy to work offline. 

Here are our tech tips to stay productive offline:

1. – offline map and navigation 

2. Asana and Evernote – To-do lists

3. Outlook / Gmail – Calendar to sync automatically with your meeting invites etc.  

4. Offline working software – Word / Adobe etc.

5. Turn on offline edit access for your online before you start the trip doc..

With our tips, you can travel and explore, and at the same time be productive in your own business or in your role.  

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