Camplify Flood Relief Program

As floods ravage areas of Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria, many Australians have found themselves stranded, without a home and lacking basic resources.  The need for housing is extreme and here at Camplify, we are eager to help. That’s why we have established the Camplify Flood Relief Program –  a service where we make it easier for flood victims and local van owners to find and help each other.

Recent Press Release

Camplify to provide temporary housing for flood-affected Northern Rivers region.

Temporary housing sites provide a safe and secure home while people affected by floods begin their recovery. These sites are being established by the NSW Government, in partnership with councils and local community groups. For more information on the program and what Camplify is doing, click on the link below.

About Camplify

Camplify is a  peer-to-peer van sharing platform.

We normally connect local RV owners with people looking to go on holiday.

Now we’re also helping to connect local RV owners with those in need of accommodation through our safe and secure platform.


Share your van with those in need

If you are interested, please submit your interest and a Camplify team member will be in touch to help get you started.